Stu McCurdy's RV-3

One of the prettiest aerial shots you will see.

According to the Falcon Flight Formation web site, “Stu retired from active duty as a Colonel (USAF) in 1992 and settled in Round Rock, TX, where he became involved with the local experimental pilot community. He discovered many were eager to learn about formation flying, and he began training the pilots the principles and techniques of formation flying.”

“Soon thereafter, Stu formed the demonstration team called Falcon Flight and participated in airshows all over Texas and eventually expanded to other states, including: AirVenture at Oshkosh, WI and Sun ‘N Fun at Lakeland, FL. Stu went on to found an agency called Formation Flying, Inc (FFI), which is approved by FAA to evaluate formation pilots and issue formation cards, allowing pilots to participate in airshows in formation.”