About Us

I love to travel. My travel adventures started when I joined the Navy in 1964.  In 1968 I enjoyed an around the world cruise during which I visited many exotic countries such as Denmark, Mozambique, Taiwan, Japan and Vietnam.  My wife Holly loves to travel as well.  After graduating from college, she and a girl friend enjoyed two months of un-escorted travel through Europe.

Our list of countries grew when I convinced Holly that we should visit Hong Kong, which we did two years in a row.  We have also enjoyed several days in Acapulco, ridden our  Harleys to Sturgis,South Dakota twice, and flew a private plane to Oshkosh three times for the annual Experimental Aircraft Association Fly-In.  The countries, islands and possessions we have visited include the  U.S., Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Cuba, St. Thomas, Panama, Guam, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macao, China, Mozambique, Cape Verde Islands, Portugal, Denmark, Great Britain, Gemany (West and East), France, Netherlands, Lichtenstein, Italy, and Austria.  Also, I have visited all but two of the 50 states and four Canadian provinces.

What travel plans do we have for the future? Well, we made a deposit on the tall ship Star Clipper and we will visit the St. Maarten – British Virgin Islands area for a week in 2014.  Subsequent to that, I would like to sail a tall ship across the Atlantic, and  travel from our home in East Texas to San Angelo and points west to Four Corners, and ride our Harleys to The Wall in Washington, D.C.

I have enjoyed employment in the Navy as a data systems technician, then as a computer technician, master equipment technician, programmer, software engineer, manager, educator, commercial driver and private coach driver.  I graduated from St. Edwards University with a BLS in Computer Science (summa cum laude) and have written two books and been awarded three U.S. patents.

Holly graduated from Tufts University with an Occupational Therapy degree.  She has enjoyed a long career in that field and as an educational counselor.  She is a talented amateur photographer.  I am not a talented anateur photographer  but I’m gonna learn how to do it.

I hope you enjoy the images in this blog.


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