Retirement Bucket List

Here is my Retirement Bucket List.  My thanks to Lesley Carter and Bob Zeller for getting me started in this direction.  This list is not as extreme as Lesley’s but I am 68 and she is not.  Bob is older than me but what he has accomplished in photography in less than 10 years blows me away.  I have tremendous respect for their accomplishments.  I invite visitors to visit their blogs at and

  • Improve my faith, read more Scripture, always tell the truth regardless of the outcomes, be a person of integrity.
  • Do volunteer work for organizations that help other people, like the Highway 80 Rescue Mission
  • Return to the excellent physical shape I was in 15 years ago
  • Expand my book “Hard Charger” to include more chapters as required and include many more contributions from other sailors, add photos.
  • Travel the southwest for landscape and photos
  • Become a talented photographer and a better author
  • Become a BIRDER!
  • Ride my Harley to the Wall in Washington D.C.
  • Sail on a tall ship in the eastern caribbean
  • Sail on a tall ship across the atlantic
  • Sail on a tall ship to the scandinavian countries
  • Go parachuting
  • Fly an ultralight
  • Go scuba/snorkeling
  • Be in the cockpit for a full IMC flight and an ILS CAT II approach to minimums.
  • Post these experiences or submit for publication
  • more later….

The outcome of some items depend on sufficient funds.


1 thought on “Retirement Bucket List”

  1. Great! I love this list. This year I will be 70 years old. I have heard that when retired man will be busy. I have noticed that it is true. Maybe there were so many unfinished ideas / things in our minds when working.

    This year there was Tall ship race in Helsinkii, so You have to wait a couple of years to the next time.

    One of my highlight was when I visited the flight simulator of DC-9. Here is my post that You can someday fly in ILS:

    A day as a pilot.

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